our first snowman !!!

The break in the snow was short lived! Its back to even more snow coming down pretty thick.  My little family enjoyed some fun time out in the snow today. I got Olivia ready and she ran out the door to play with daddy.  I didn’t even get Abbys boots, gloves or coat on before she tried sneaking outside for fun too. She was not a happy baby while I got her bundled up like a marshmallow.

She was out the door to play with Livy and daddy while I got dressed for the cold. They did a really great job of building a snowman!!! Its the first one we have ever really made like this. Its super neat and I think we should make a few more just because there is SOOO much snow out there! We have a giant yard out there and its all covered with snow! In some areas its more than a foot and goes up to my knee!

I need to get a lot of practice in throwing snow balls. I need to be within 10 feet of people if I want to have a chance at hitting them…..  We just finished watching a Christmas movie and warming up with some hot cocoa. We will be heading out again probably soon.


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