Our Anniversary

13278191_1154639134569471_1924083885_nMy husband and I celebrated a wonderful anniversary. He had the day off and aside from a doctor visit and running some errands, we spent most of the day relaxing at home.

While out shopping we did run by one of the local thrift stores. I spotted two sunflower dinner size plates. I couldn’t resist them! I have some very similar plates that are brown trimmed with orange and yellow blossoms. So I think together they will be rather pretty and complimentary. Plus, they all will match the table cloth and place mats I will soon be crocheting. 🙂

My husband did order us a really sweet surprise anniversary gift. A new king size bed set! It was suppose to be delivered yesterday (part of why he was wanting us to stay home without telling me the reason). So it should be here some time today… hopefully. I really can’t wait to see what it looks like all set up!


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