Oscar the Grouch *craft*


I looked up some neat crafts related to Oscar the  Grouch from Sesame Street.  I found a neat one to print out and make one of him in a trash can using a toilet paper roll. So I improvised!

Materials were all on hand:

toilet paper rolls
1 sheet of green construction paper
2 googly eyes per project


Easy toddler assembly

Step 1: paint toilet paper rolls or cover with paper.

Step 2: while the paint drys, cut out these shapes:

* a circle with a tab for the head so it can be attached to the toilet paper roll.
* a circle for the trash can lid
* 2 circles for hands

I folded my paper in threes so I could make triple of each piece.

Step 3: make the faces. glue on googly eyes. Then paint on eyebrows, mouth, etc.

Step 4:  Attach all the pieces to the toilet paper roll with glue.

and its done!


What perks you up when you are a Grouch?



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