One dress completed!

I mentioned earlier today I was going to try and copy a crochet dress that I had played with years ago as a child. I did my best to follow the pattern but also make it bigger to fit the cabbage patch dolls and carebears my two daughters play with. It took me maybe two hours give or take to do it all. Maybe a little longer as I took breaks from crocheting.

I used a variegated baby soft yarn that had blues, greens, and yellows in it. I did add a row of solid yellow for a belt. It came out to fit the carebears pretty good with a little extra space in the back where the dress is tied.

This one went to Abigail since she picked out the colors. Olivia has selected some colors for hers and was more than eager for me to start a second one. I wasn’t even finished with Abigails when Olivia kept telling me her sisters was big enough, to please start on hers.



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