Olive Garden’s Roasted Mushroom Alfredo… without the mushrooms :(

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI really love the Olive Garden’s never ending pasta bowl. I know as a person losing weight and eating healthier this is not the best option to go to when picking out a place to eat. However, my husband still had a 25 dollar gift card we had been holding on to since Christmas of last year.

So we went the other day with our two daughters. I must say the roasted mushroom alfrado was super lacking in what I had hoped for. My husband and  I did two plates of it and both of mine were a giant disappointment.

When I was served the first bowl there wasn’t a single mushroom piece at all in it. I read the description on the menu I ordered from again and it said there were suppose to be in it. That was the whole reason I even paid extra to try it because I have been loving mushrooms.

My husband had a few small pieces in his bowl. So I ordered a second round of it and hoped for the best that I would get a few mushrooms I could eat instead of just having a super garlic Alfredo sauce over noodles.  My second bowl had one single, itty, bitty tiny piece that is smaller than my pinky nail. Mind you, I still bite my nails so they are really small to begin with.

It was just a huge disappointment. I had even commented to the waitress who came out that I had hoped there would at least be  mushrooms in this one as there were none in my other one. She was there even while I shifted through the pasta in search of mushrooms and found none except this tiny little piece that was small enough it could have been a small chopped up piece of mushroom in a can of Campbell cream of mushroom soup.

It was all rather disappointing. On one hand, it was nice that the meal was mostly free because we had a gift card from last year’s holidays, but on the other hand I had wished I would have just added meatballs instead. Because hopefully then I would have been given meatballs with my plate of pasta!



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