O is for Olivia

My daughter Olivia has been asking to have either the watermelon or the cantaloupe cut since we purchased them at the store. I let the girls each pick out one whatever-item they want when we go grocery shopping. Olivia picked her cantaloupe and Abigail wanted a watermelon.

So after dinner I started to cut up the┬ácantaloupe for desert. Olivia really didn’t even touch her dinner alls she wanted was her sweet treat. While I am cutting it, Olivia gets a huge smile on her face and is all “O is for Olivia!” because the way I had cut it the fruit really was in the shape of an O.

I guess there are worse things a kid can skip eating dinner, but I will let her indulge in her fruit all she wants. The cantaloupe is super sweet and juicy. Well worth the two bucks I paid for it on sale.



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