No more Christmas things… :(

10922672_880909031942484_8831096865234790878_nAll christmas decorations have been taken down and put away! My husband got a good start on taking all the ornaments down from the tree. I wrapped and put them away with our daughters.

It was fun being able to go through all the different odds and ends ones we have picked up over the years. I make sure to pick up and/or hand make a few new ones each year to represent the interests of the family that year. I also got a few special ones from places we went to during the holidays. Either way, its a nice large collection of unique pieces so I only have a few doubles or same ones on the tree.

The girls were able to help sort out some of the paper streamers by colors. I figure we will reuse the red color one for some valentines day crafts and the green ones for St Patricks day activities.

All in all, it feels great to have it all packed away. Though the house feels a little bit empty now.



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