No Bake Cookies….

I love my husband a ton! He is so awesome with our two daughters and a really good cook! He ended up making a sweet treat tonight much to my dismay. Not that I can complain a whole lot as I think its awesome he is cooking and willing to bake up odds and ends with our daughters too.

They made some no bake cookies after I raided my sisters kitchen for some sugar and butter! I can’t believe we ran out of sugar. So that’s one more thing to add to our grocery list. Anyways, the cookies were really good. To good to be truthful but I was able to keep some great control. I ate two cookies and I am done. It can be super easy to eat more but I really want to get back into shape.

That cookie would only make me happy for 2 minutes or so. Then I’d regret eating it. I know I will be much more happier and for a longer time when I am wearing my goal jeans!   🙂



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