Newspaper Carrier Day

 Making GhostsSeptember 4th is Newspaper Carrier Day!

The first news paper carrier Barney Flaherty was hired on this day in 1833 (Wikpedia)! Do you read the newspaper? I occasionally do when there is a free one available or given to me! Its a good past time to enjoy from time to time.

Its not something I can personally justify paying everyday to get the news when so much of it is freely available when watching the news or reading news articles online.  So when I do purchase it, its usually for the coupon inserts inside or because there is something majorly important I really want to keep for a scrapbook or journal!

Things to consider doing today with family

1. Go buy a news paper and enjoy reading it with your family. If the trends seem to continue happening, who knows this may longer be an option for future generations to experience!

2. Make your own newspaper! Have fun writing stories with your children. Go around town and take pictures or drawl your own to add a visual piece to your articles.

3. What is your favorite story you have ever read in the newspaper?  Talk about it with your kids! One of my favorites that I have shared with them was the story about the squirrel that could ski!



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