new years eve prepping!

*no reading if coming to party*

The house is almost ready for tomorrow night! There are a few things on my cleaning list but the majority of it has been checked off!

My husband and I still need to do a little shopping to finish picking up stuff for the next few days of celebrations.

Im still trying to figure out the party bags… Ive bought some things already and others I know what i want to buy. Just need to be sneaky to keep them as surprises… And other things im just gonna wing it when im at the store…

Normally id jot down times and do this by hand but olivia can read to well to keep that as a surprise! Shes really mastered sounding out words so there is very little she cant read (like really long words or a few with the silent letters).

Earlier I was working on my shopping list for her birthday and she read it all to me. Good thing i kept the major details in my head or it wouldnt be a surprise at all!

So here goes… Hahah.  Im trying to spice it up so they cant guess everything in the bags… And im starting the bags from 6 pm.. Since guests should be over by 7.

6 – thinking either hair ties or something along those lines as final stage of getting ready.

7 – masks or hats for all guests.  Dollar tree has some really cute colored masks that my girls love. Figured it would be different than just party hats of some sort!

8 – craft kit – fashion one – I picked it up a few weeks ago. Its something im sure my girls will enjoy doing. Normally priced at 15 dollars but was clearenced down to 2 bucks at hobby lobby.

9 – toy surprise –

10 craft kit – dog tag kit – it was another kit picked up on clearence at hobby lobby. This one was under 2 bucks. 🙂

11 – writing cute stuffs – so we can all figure out some new years resolutions/goals!

12 party noise makers (like always… Last thing to avoid major headaches and consideration for possibly sleeping baby)!

All in all… Seems easy enough. Now watch me get to the store and see something i love more so i gotta change things around. 🙂



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