New Yahtzee Set!


I’m so glad my husband loves me and doesn’t mind spoiling me on silly things. We were at dollar tree last night and I spotted some large foam dice. They had two in a pack in four different colors. I didn’t pick them up because we are watching our money a little bit since we have plans for a summer trip with the girls. 🙂

Anyways, I did mention them to him since I thought they were cool and would make a great game even more easier to play with a baby nearby.

He grabbed a set for us. 🙂

I love playing Yahtzee with the girls. We have the normal game set and one I made with large dice that I played with my nephew when he was a toddler. My girls love the big colored dice and for the most part. They are large enough its not hard to find them when they get occasionally dropped to the floor or wind up under the couch in an excited game. Its easy for little kids to see the dots and count them.

The only con is the die are also very loud when shaking around in a cup since kids holding five big die can be a little bit of a problem for their little hands. So playing that g18424774_1458930354145843_2044506260_name when Delilah sleeps is usually a bad idea unless we skip the cup and play to roll on the floor rug.

I’m looking forward to playing a game with our really big foam dice. They are large enough Lilah can play with one or two during the game and not worry about her actually eating them! They shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby! I hope!
Update: These extra large foam die are real quiet on a table or floor surface! They are awesome! 🙂


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