New lawnmower!

One of my neighbors purchased a new lawnmower today. So he did ask us if we wanted to buy his old one which works great and is in sooo much better condition than the one my husband and I have been using. I don’t want to knock our existing mower but the wheels fall off a lot when using it and it was free. I still plan to use it if both my husband and I are cutting grass at the same time.

I am just super excited about our new mower. It was purchased at an even better price of just twenty dollars! My husband and I have been looking to buy one and they were nowhere near this price.

Its going to be nice to make cutting the grass a lot easier than what our existing mower does. I am pretty eager to get to use it but my husband was like “spend time with me tonight, we can cut the grass tomorrow!” as he has the day off.

I just love the generosity of neighbors. 🙂


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