National Wildlife Day

Ever see a deer like this?September 4th is National Wildlife Day

One thing that I feel people forget to often is that we are just another animal on this planet. We really are not anything amazing or special compared to everything else that inhabits this planet. We aren’t the only animal to give personal names to others of our kind. We aren’t the only ones to use tools (generally the idea behind the definition of culture). We aren’t the only ones to take care of our young.  Nor are we the only animal type that takes care of and looks after other animal types!

There have been quite a few stories about animals taking care of human children that got lost in the jungle so to speak. They are capable of such amazing things. Yet very little is really done to protect them, respect them, and look after the world they need to survive.

So take today to learn a little bit about the world and all its inhabitants.

Things to consider doing today with family

1.  Check out the official website for this holiday @ !

2. Do an internet search on what kinds of animals different Lionesses have been observed saving! I’ve read stories from everything from foxes, caves, lambs, etc!

3. Check out the local zoos and animal rehabilitation centers. See what you might be able to do to help save another life.


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