National Radio Day

August 20th is National Radio Day!

Do you enjoy listening to the radio? Yes! I really do not like silence so I tend to keep the radio on for sound. I found a nice little classic rock station that does a wonderful blend of mostly old songs plus an integration of new tunes. Its great to turn up and listen to when cleaning.

Radio has definitely come around big time. It use to be a very common form of entertainment before there were televisions. It was one of the first things I turned on when I got home from school. One day I even won a contest about Ozzy and won the Ozzmosis music CD before it was released for sale!!! I was sooo nervous and excited when I was answering the question about Ozzy’s newest guitarist! I knew I had the right answer! I had just read an article about my favorite singer and band in the metal edge magazine!

Now, with upgrades to technology its possible to make your own radio station and be your own DJ / Disk Jockey.

Things to celebrate today

1. Enjoy some music on the radio! Kids can easily change the channels to see all different sorts of music channels and styles.

2. Play some games around music and the radio. Dance when the music is on, but be still if its chatter / advertisement.

3. Make your own radio station and let your kids be the DJ!

Enjoy your +Radio-Day


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