National Napping Day

1901150_696306673741552_2063181667_nToday, is National Napping Day. It takes place the first Monday after the daylight savings time adjustment.

I’ve read in a number of books and magazines that short 10-15 minute power naps are a natural function to humans. It was also advised in one of my honor classes to take naps to avoid burn out and increase mental functions.

So naps any day can be a great thing. But a nap today is just extra awesome since its a chance to make up for any possible missed sleep when the clocks were boosted forward an hour.

Do you enjoy naps? Do you have any rituals that helps you enjoy a short rest?

I tend to like some peaceful music and to turn on the coffee pot to brew a pot. That way, when I wake in 10-15 minutes the rich smell of fresh coffee is motivation to get up and not sleep for another block of time…

Way to celebrate?

* Enjoy a quick nap on the couch!




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