National Dog Day

Dog Day is August 26th

Its a day to think about all of the four legged furry dogs. Some are in great homes being wonderfully cared for. Others are waiting in a shelter hoping to be adopted out into a lovely, forever home. Sadly, there are countless animals including dogs being abused throughout the world.

But today is a day to raise awareness of the needs dogs have all over the world.

Need ideas to enjoy the day?

1. Learn a little bit about dog care. All animals need proper care. That includes quality time with their pack leaders (sometimes referred to as an owner) with walks, playing, and lots of cuddle time. Everyone alive needs some form of food and water to survive.

2. Consider volunteering at the local shelter to walk the dogs. They are social creatures like humans, and they need to be engaged with affection too. It gets real lonely being locked away in a kennel. * Some shelters might require a little training to be able to walk dogs – others welcome anyone interested in helping a hand. You won’t know what your shelter might require unless you call and ask!

3. Make Homemade pet toys for your critters at home or to donate at the shelter.  Some shelters also love donated home made blankets and other pet care items like bowls & food!

4. I know there is a huge emphasis on today being a “adopt a dog” day. However, I strongly feel that not every house needs a dog. Not all people have the time or energy to take care of a dog properly. They need lots of time to be happy, healthy, creatures. But if a person is really committed to being a great animal companion they should by all means go adopt a dog if they want to.

In remembrance – Sadly my beloved dog Baby is no longer with me after being a faithful companion for over 13 years. So I had to take a picture of a picture! Its a collage of some fun evenings growing up. In the country a lot of people let their dogs run, and they often came over to my house while I was outside enjoying a quiet evening. So they are some puppy friends of my angel puppy and I. The black doberman in the bottom right was also my adopted dog too she belonged to my grandmother.


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