National Cake Decorating Day

October 10 is National Cake Decorating Day Day of Sweets 13! cake!

Who doesn’t like decorating a cake? It can be so much fun deciding on the type of frosting, sprinkles and incing! There are really endless possibilities to have fun for any kind of holiday or celebration. Its also generally a very cost effective treat to feed a lot of people on a budget!

Most of the cakes that are sold at department bakeries can be purchased to us separately if a person wants to bake their own cake and do the decoration portion. They can also be purchased online!

Home made cakes are easier to make allergy friendly! My youngest daughter Delilah is allergic to milk and my middle daughter Abigail out grew the milk allergy but has other allergies. So we need to keep an eye on what is or isn’t in a cake.

Plus by making your own cake you can avoid a horrible mishap that happened to my family for Abigail’s first birthday cake: This cake is NOT what I ordered from Walmart! 

Ways to celebrate:

1.  Bake and decorate a cake!

2. Watch an episode or two of Cake Boss! I love his show and the amazing creations the team has done.

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