National Beer Lover’s Day

September 7th is  National Beer Lover’s Day.

So I know beer is an adult beverage. In no way am I suggesting that kids should drink it.

I decided to include this holiday on my blog because I feel it is important to educate kids about the dangers of liquor and other drugs. There is a lot of crazy information out there that kids and people can read and use. That doesn’t mean its factual or good to follow.

I’ve been told by doctors and lactation experts that Dark beers (actually the barley) may help with the production of breast milk by increasing prolactin! However, beers may also may decrease milk production for some people! I know when I was doing everything to try and increase milk production when pumping milk for Delilah I had an occasional beer and I did get a little more in later pump sessions. However, I got the best pump sessions on days I stayed hydrated on water, ate regular meals and snacks, and kept to a general schedule (same time every day), and proper sleep!

Things to consider doing today:

1. Its okay to enjoy a beer! Remember to drink responsibly! Dont drink and drive! Be aware of the affects it might have!

2. Have a talk with your children concerning the dangers of alcohol consumption (and drugs too).



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