My two handed cupcake eater!

My Olivia is a two handed cupcake eater last night! I found this out when my sister picked up a couple packages of those mini cupcakes from the local grocery bakery. We all were enjoying them as a snack while playing the hand and foot card game.

Abigail kept dipping her fingers in the frosting to just eat the sweet toppings. Olivia on the other hand was happy to have a different cupcake in each hand. I’m sure if she had more than two hands, she would have had more than two cupcakes.

Olivia also got to be sneaky yet smart toddler when it came to suckers. My sister gave Livy and Abby a handful of suckers. Olivia didn’t seem to like the flavor she had, so she offered it to her dad to try it. When he went to give it back to her, she was all “no thanks, I have another one…” that she wanted.

At least she shares some of the time!



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