My sister is so spoiling my kids

The girls aunt and uncle bought the girls a few odds and ends today. For starters my sister found a really great deal on a number of toys being 50% off plus part of a buy two get one free. So she really loaded up. She asked about how to give them and I was like feel free to break it up, that way they can really enjoy and use each thing and not get super spoiled.

So she let them pick out what they got and they chose their new art sets. Its so neat and has so much inside of it. It came with the drawling board, a big roll of coloring sheets, markers, crayons, and stickers.

Then she also picked them up little hair dress up sets. One came with a hair dryer and the other a hair roller with hair curls. Both had mini brushes and combs.

Olivia and Abigail have been playing with it all non stop! They just love it. Livy was having me do her hair while she colored.

When they came over to visit this evening my sister was coloring with them between playing some hand and foot card games. Its really nice that the girls are able to visit and see their family so much. I know the girls love it!




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