My “recipe” for Curry!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASince someone asked me for the recipe for my curry I figured I would share it. Its not actually a real recipe its a box mix that I just love. Its called Golden Curry Sauce Mix and I have seen it in a number of variations in a few different stores. The most frequent types are spicy/hot and mild (what I took a picture of).

Its like a flavoring that can be added to just about anything. It looks very much like a candy bar that just needs to be broke up and put into the pot according to the directions on the box.

My husband has made it with chicken, beef, pork, or even meatless for the vegans. The vegetables can be whatever is handy in the pantry. My favorites to use are red potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, and peas, etc.

This box mix is super easy to use and its wonderfully tasty!  It is a little bit pricey but for an occasional treat its still a lot cheaper than taking my family out to eat.


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