My little helpers big pile!

I was folding all of the laundry and getting it sorted to be put away. My girls do pretty good at folding their own clothes (in bundles sometimes, but its the thought that counts) and the wash rags. I had a huge pile of towels. Right now we have roughly a dozen of them for the four of us. I brought down four and my husband purchased a few.

So they were a huge pile that my oldest daughter just HAD to lift up and try and put away. The pile was bigger than she was. Olivia made it about six steps before the mound of towels dropped over onto the floor.

Abigail then picked two up because she wanted to help. Olivia gave me some of the bigger towels to carry then she put the rest away.

My girls sure do know how to make basic chores a fun experience. 🙂


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