My little driver!

The other day when waiting for my husband to be ready to go, Olivia and Abigail got to ride in one of the 50 cent car rides. Abigail did NOT like it and she wanted out immediately once it started to move. Olivia though? She loved it and asked to ride it again.  So I left her.

Then yesterday she wanted to go when her daddy was picked up because she wanted to ride in the car again.

She didn’t get to go, but today I made sure we had change so she could enjoy it. She just loved it! Once she saw it she told me she didn’t need any help to get in it, she was a big girl.

at 50 cents its so worth it to see her smile and enjoy it. I remember having fun on those machines as a kid. There seemed to be a lot more of them around back then, than there is now. Do these rides exist near you?



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