my house party

I am really happy with how our Hasbro Game Night SIMON SWIPE Challenge! house party went! It actually turned out to be like two house parties.

I ended up having it at the park since it would be close enough to get to and enjoy the local holiday festivities. The one bad thing about living in the country is for some things it might take an hour to get to them from my house. Its pretty convenient in we are off an interstate. But the local moms told me the parade is better the next town over. So we had a party at lunch time at the park.

Then the afternoon was for some swimming and out door fun. Then I had a party at my house to better enjoy the games, grilled foods, and fireworks. The bonus of living in the country surrounded by lots of farms and ranches is free easy fireworks! I have a gorgeous 20 foot second story front balcony that gives a splendid view of local fireworks.

All in all, I could easily go to bed. But once the girls are asleep I plan to watch Independence Day with my husband.

Thank you House Party and Hasbro!



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