My Fairy, Kitty-cat, Blood elf Princesses

12046562_1028991217134264_2337745872766943133_n11249030_1039870789379640_8920412007923080020_n (1)When I asked my daughters what it was they wanted to be for Halloween I got a number of answers. My little girls wanted to be kitty-cats, fairies, princesses, and blood elves. No they did not want to be just one of those, they had to be all of that.  Okay! They can be whatever it is they want to be. 🙂

So here is their costumes as of now, a little over a week before Halloween. I am still adding flowers and working on the touch ups.

I crocheted the ears, the wrist warmers, and the tails. I did use those metal bendable flowers (purchased at dollar tree) to stick inside the tails to make them bendable and capable to stick out and about. I used a pack of the dollar tree flexible cloth headbands to be belts and what I crocheted the ears onto. Cotton balls were stuffed inside the ears to keep them up.

But overall, my girls are very happy with their outfits and what they picked out to make them.


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