My birthday and spring break!

My husband gave me my birthday gift a little early so it could be enjoyed by all of our kids during spring break!

He managed to get his hands on a Nintendo classic NES system!

Together we all managed to beat world three So far. Livy likes the design a track and race on bikes game. Abby adores the double Dragon punching game.

I’m a fan of Zelda and Dr Mario (similar to Tetris). I’m also a huge fan of super Mario brothers even if I’m an expert at jumping to my death! 🙂

As for my birthday it was a blast! Baked some cookies with my girls, did a lot of painting projects and started our fairy garden. Hubby baked a delicious milk free chocolate cake with help of livy and Abby then grilled tasty steaks, broccoli and cauliflower for dinner!




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