More snuggle time & wow!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe girls and I enjoyed a few walks today. I really didn’t want to take them outside because we all have colds. Yet my girls really wanted to go out. They both thought their daddy had come home when he hadn’t yet. So then Abigail demanded we had to go get daddy! So we went for a walk to check on the neighbors livestock while waiting for my husband to come home.

It was a fun. 🙂 We didn’t see any critters but did get to talk to a neighbor. Now, we are snuggled up on the bed watching Tangled. I am currently patching and downloading world of warcraft. It showed it was up to date, but when I tried to login, it said I had a patch to download still.

I hope it doesn’t take to long to download as the people I’d like to play with have to work in the morning. So I know they won’t be on to late!



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