More Herbs, Less Salt Day

August 29th is More Herbs, Less Salt Day!

Eating healthy is something everyone should do. Its not always easy but today can be a great day to learn about cooking real meals from actual ingredients where people can honestly pick and select what goes inside the dish. Its super easy to go to a store and pick out items from a freezer just to heat in the oven or on the stove oblivious to all the additives inside it. The freezer and other already prepared foods are so loaded with salt and other chemicals like Poison in general mills cereal!. Its just not healthy in my opinion.

So why not just make things from scratch and enjoy rich flavors from herbs and spices today? Do you have a favorite herb you like to add to dishes? I have been loving garlic and oregano in things lately.

How to celebrate today?

1. Try making a dish or two without salt. Just use some herbs instead. Not sure how to start? Skip the salt in some scrambled eggs and add in a favorite herb. Parsley can be lovely in eggs with a dash of milk (or soy milk if someone has an allergy) and pepper!

2. Start a little indoor herb garden.  I eventually plan to with my mom’s planters from the ~1970’s!



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