More celebrating and hiding!

Since my husband had to work on her birthday… we did some more celebrating the day after. 🙂

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Today we went around to do a lot of shopping. We purchased some more clothes to get the girls completely ready for school. Grabbed some craft supplies to start scrapbooking and got some material for the girls sewing projects. Grabbed some other fun stuff and just really enjoyed the day. Girls got to hang out with their favorite people and all in all, it was a very busy day. I had reached my step goal way before dinner time. So it was a win all around!

I also ate a few things with milk/ cheese in it. Delilah hasn’t nursed now in 5 days and shows no interest at all when offered the breast. She wants her bottle and that is only for an occasional drink after she eats real food. Dr said she can now eat everything and anything except stuff with milk in it (she definitely still has the milk allergy after being tested for it).


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