Mini Pie crusts / tarts

I had a lot of fun baking today with my daughters. I ended up using an accidentally made dough recipe from my apple bites I experimented with when our apple tree had so many delicious apples on it.

The recipe is on the Lionpaw’s Apple Bites page. So this morning my girls and I made enough dough to make 4 large dough balls, a livy size dough ball, and a few Abby size dough clumps.  They chilled in the fridge while my daughters and I searched up pie filling ideas.

Want to make a guess on what will be the pie filling?


Unsure of what the can could be I decided to roll out and try to make a bunch on mini pie crusts. So I rolled them out and used a bowl to cut out circle shapes.

Livy picked the up and gave them to me. Then I put them in a greased cupcake pan. We made twelve and they baked  for 15 minutes on 375.

They did shrink a bit too.

While I was putting them in the oven, the girls opened our canister of flour….


The can is opened!


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