Milk in a glass bottle! Delicious!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIt wasn’t to long back that I read a bubbler talking about the old days of milk in glass bottles delivered to the house. I wasn’t old enough or even born when that use to happen. However, I am happy to enjoy tasty milk in a glass bottle!

The first time I tried this milk was when I moved up to Tennessee from Florida. The only milk in a bottle I had ever heard about was stories my grandmother use to share. But then I found this and I happily tried it. They have a number of flavors but my favorite is the orange milk It tastes like an orange cream candy. Its delicious!

When I moved to Ohio I looked for this company and I couldn’t find it. So you can guess how happy I am in that they are still around when I moved back home to TN. I love the flavor but whats even better is its hormone free and the glass bottles really help out the environment.

I paid a two dollar deposit on the bottle and I will receive it back when I return it to the store. Then it will be washed out and reused! How great is that?

Have you ever tried milk from the Homestead Creamery?



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