Middle Name Pride Day – I was named after a General…

Today, the first Friday of the month, is Middle Name Pride Day!

Do you like your middle name? I love mine.  My military father was a huge fan of General Robert E. Lee . He really wanted a boy… unfortunately for him, yet fortunately for me I was his 5th daughter. I really love being a girl.

He wanted to name me Roberta Lee. Much to my appreciation my mom vetoed that idea and they settled on Robin Lee.  I love the ring to it.  I have been teased a bit because people would say that is a stripper name. But I really like it.

 Activities to do on this day

1. Look up the meanings behind the middle names used in your family. There are a ton of free name search sites online

2. Talk about any meanings or reasons for the names used in the family.

3. Share your middle name with others.



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