Memorial Day Holiday Guide

Memorial Day is May 31st

The day of the first big BBQ for most people in the USA happens on Memorial Day. A lot don’t quite understand the true meaning and importance behind this day. Its one to honor those that had died in service to their country.  Its to remember their sacrifice.

I celebrate the day with friends and family and do think of the sacrifices others have made on the behalf of my family. Almost every generation of my family had people that served this country in various wars going back centuries.

In a real strange course of events, I could easily have not ever been born and my father could have been another soldier that had died in service to his country. He served a number of tours during the Vietnam War. It was a paper/name mix up that my father had been sent home for a family emergency instead of the right person who should have gone back to the USA. During that time away, the platoon he had commanded were all killed. Had he been with them at the time, he would have joined them in the grave. Had that happened, he never would have been alive to have meet my mom or had my siblings and I. Instead, he did finish his tour and returned to the USA alive.

There are so many soldiers who have given their lives in countless wars. Today, is a day to honor and remember them all.

  • Personally, I think decorations should be done to show respect to the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives in service to the United States of America. For those who do display flags in their yards / on the house, the day does have some special guidelines to show honor for our fallen soldiers.  Flags are suppose to be raised then lowered at half-mast until noon at which point the flag should be lifted to the top of the pole. For  more information please see the website.
  • Wear red poppies – Its a flower that became a symbol for the blood of fallen heroes. Moina Michael wrote a small poem titled  “We Shall Keep the Faith” in response to Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields“.
  • attend a Memorial day parade!

  • volunteer – See what is going on around your town or city. The Memorial Day celebration started out as a day in which people in their local towns and areas would visit the graves of their fallen heroes in order to clean them up and honor the memory of their fallen heroes.
Other Crafts
  • Write out and decorate a page for the “We Shall Keep the Faith” poem (mentioned above)
  • Print out some coloring activity pages for the day. There are many which can provide informative details concerning the day.
Snacks / Food related

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