Meatless Monday: Mexican Pizzas

I really enjoy eating tasty meatless dishes. For me its a fun treat to try new recipes and do something different.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Tonight’s menu plan is to make some Mexican pizzas. I found a great deal on these round hard shells that will make a perfect “pie crust”.  I have an assortment of fresh mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. I plan to use some re fried beans, can black olives,  and a can of black beans (Abigail eats these like candy).

I am also making some Spanish rice to go with it. All in all I tried to hit all the major food groups, enjoy a healthy non-meat protein. Best of all, its a fun dish that can get my daughters involved with putting it together once they wake up from their naps.

So dinner tonight will be a little bit late but they had a long day so far!  Do you do any meat-less meals? What do you make? I try to make a new recipe every other week if I am able to. 🙂

Update: Super delicious! 

I started with a big round corn shell. I smothered on some re-fried baked beans as a gooey layer. I made it a little thicker around the edges so the toppings wouldn’t melt and run off. For mine I added mushrooms, tomatoes, black beans, and rice and cheese. The girls got variations of this for what they like and can eat (Abby is allergic to milk, so no cheese).

I baked them for about 10 minutes on 375 degrees in my little toaster oven. When it was all done I did top mine with some shredded roman lettuce and sour cream.  I ate just about two as they were that good!


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