Meatless Monday – black bean tomatoe soup!

I really enjoy having meat free meals on Mondays! So tonights dinner was a blend of everyone’s favorites.

Olivia loves grill cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Abigail loves black beans. And all three of us really enjoy oranges. So I heated up some black beans and then added in a can of tomato soup with a slice of cheese and let it simmer until I finished the other part of our meal.

While I buttered the bread to make our sandwiches Olivia unwrapped the cheese.   It came out delicious!

I really love doing little easy dinners like this occasionally.  The bread was buy one get one free (3 dollars. A second great deal to buying it at the day old bakery); beans were 95 cents, the can of soup was 50 cents, and the cheese was like 2 dollars a pack and I only used 4 slices.  So great healthy meal for under 5 dollars!




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