About me!

Updated: August 2017

Hi!  My name is Robin and I am a stay-at-home-mom to three lovely girls! Olivia is 6, Abigail is 5, and Delilah just celebrated her first birthday!

I love and enjoy a ton of things including blogging! I have maintained an online private blog for a number of years…. but figured why not go public? so here goes to getting some posts shared and this up and running!

I love animals and the environment. 

I am happy to try to reduce, reuse and recycle! I have no problems buying gently used toys and clothes for my family. Not only does this help with cutting back on environmental waste but it saves some money in my pocket too.

Frugal Living

I try to use coupons and shop sales. I love getting a great freebie only if its really something my family can use.  I will happily provide information pertaining to these deals here on my blog, on facebook, and on twitter if there are links to share.

Crafty Hobbies

I enjoy all kinds of crafts from crocheting, to sewing, scrapbooking and painting.  Plus much more! I will write about these projects a lot. I try to incorporate  and reuse every day items in many of my projects I complete with or without my kids.

Cooking and Being Healthy

I am not a very great cook but I am trying! I know how important preparing meals at home is to eating and being healthy.  Two of my daughters have a number of allergies so we need to make a lot of our meal items from scratch to avoid milk/whey/dairy. So I am doing my best to learn and get better. I make a lot of kitchen blunders with my daughters but at least we are having fun and there usually is something editable when we are done.

Celebrate Everyday!

I think life can be too short sometimes and often people only see and experience the worst the world has to offer. So why not try to make my little home a place to enjoy life and celebrate the good things? So for this reason I have started my guide to the holidays and share little tips or ideas to make everyday special and wonderful for your family.

  Better to write for yourself and have no public

than to write for the public and have no self.” ~ Cyril Connolly