Marshmallow Flavor Bar

5aa418ad52e01d0adf91cfe0bf2bbc39Today is Toasted Marshmallow Day! One of the ideas I suggested to “celebrate” was to make a marshmallow flavor bar!

Its super easy to be creative here. Marshmallows can be toasted and dipped into all sorts of delicious toppings. They can be covered in melted chocolate, caramel or warmed up peanut-butter. Once lightly “toasted” the melted marshmallow gooeyness can act as a glue to stick marshmallow together with sprinkles, nuts, coconut flakes, and/or diced up fruits. The possibilities for items on a bar are endless!

So have a little fun and gather up a variety of different marshmallows flavors/ styles and set them out like a mini buffet. They make special marshmallows for colors and shapes for holidays as well as gourmet flavored ones available at specialty shops.

You can even consider asking guests/ friends to bring with them their favorite toppings to make it more of a randomly fun potluck!

If you were to go to a marshmallow party, what sort of topping or flavored marshmallow would you bring? I’d bring caramel and coconut!

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