Making the Rainbow “Float”

This was such a fun and big project! It took my girls and I a few weeks to make it last year.  We just did a little bit periodically throughout the day. It was fun and aside from a bottle of glue all materials were things repurposed around the house.


Feb. 28, 2013
Right now Abby is just sort of “oh, I crawled into this thing, what do I do? Sit and smile!”

And Livy is just hoping from box to box (I picked up three, not sure of sizes!) She gets soo mad if the cats are in one and there isn’t enough room for her. This is turning out to be some really good play for her and her carebears.

Mar. 4, 2013 at 11:02 PM

The “paint” finally dried! Over the past few days we had been adding stuff to it. The recycled wrapping paper flipped for the roof. The green and orange streamer stuff (left overs from other party decorations and things)

I need to cut up more squares…. probably reuse the construction paper chains she made for Christmas and are still up on the ceiling (I hate taking them down!).




St Patricks Day car!


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