Making our new years eve party bags!

The girls and ‘I made our new years eve party bags. This project cost us nothing to make since I already had bags from last year and a nice stash of construction paper and glue.

I started with taking out enough sheets of construction paper with Abigail’s assistance. I knew I could make two clocks per a page so I got enough different colors for 5 pm until midnight.

I used a plastic cup to trace for the circle. Olivia helped with this part, but I  did one crayon spin just to have a clear circle to cut along. We then worked on our numbers and put 1 through 12 where they needed to be. I put the glue on them and Olivia set them on the bag. I did adjust them a tad bit in order to have the numbers placed right.

All in all, I think they did a great job and it was fun to make! I tried to sneakily fill them in the bedroom and the girls kept trying to get a look. I ask them what are they doing? ivy giggles and is all “I want to peak!”  then “I can’t see it!”. It wouldn’t be surprises if she knew what was going in the bags!


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