Making lanterns out of toilet paper rolls!

10980736_909820549051332_5001547120693503668_n This was a fun project to do that only required toliet paper rolls, paint, and a box cutter (it made it so much easier cutting than scissors), and some ribbon/yarn to hang them.

I did this for some Chinese New Year fun today. But I think they are cute enough to be used for other fun decorations and any rainy day 🙂


11021270_909820419051345_4520796147230843331_nHow I made them:

1. I folded all of the toilet paper rolls to be flat.

2. Then I cut lines going down from about half an inch into the roll down til about another half inch from the bottom. My box cutter didn’t cut through the other side all that great so I flipped it and recut that side too.

3. Then I folded the little strips at the top, middle, and base, to help it bow outwards.  My daughters then had fun using them like they were little springs and helped make them extra bendy.

11041080_909820475718006_6150980434991455409_n4. Painted them whatever colors my daughters felt were interesting. Abigail loves the mixed colors.

3. Let them dry.

4. I slipped string through them to be able to hang them. If someone wanted with a hole punch they could easily add holes and use that. But if not, its easy just to slip it through the lines and hang. 🙂



10403369_909820425718011_3200563253267572187_n 10982846_909820542384666_4312600839073904163_n


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