Making homemade pet toys


To celebrate Love your Pet Day, I am going to share some tips on making animal toys. I will always have an assortment of toys bought from the store to keep my animal friends happy… but still sometimes its fun to be creative or you just might not have a toy with you on the go!

I think  every cat owner knows that a cat will make their own toys and entertainment. Mine love mega blocks and my  little ponies on the floor. But DO NOT EVER let a cat play with a plastic bag, it can kill them!

Cat Toy Ideas

*  An empty toilet paper roll with a small piece of string attached to it securely.

* an empty soda / water bottle with something inside to jingle.

Dog toy ideas

* When I had my beloved angel dog, one of his favorite toys was just random sticks.  He or I would just find a good one when hiking or walking and just use that.  I left them in the area found, otherwise I probably could have built a house with all the wood we would have accumulated in our 13 years together.

RIP old man!

Love your Pet Day.


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