Making Bubbles!

I know both Olivia and Abigail really enjoy making bubbles. They really enjoyed using all those kits my sister and or I have bought them. I’ve also become pretty good at making more bubble liquids from dish soap. Yesterday though, I guess I got to really see how much Abigail loves them or water. 

We all went to the kid zone twice at the fair. The first time, we let the girls explore all the age appropriate activities for them which included the bubbles. The second time we went, it was mostly so the girls could play in the shade and on the swing sets with the other toddlers.

To get to the area, people had to walk by the bubble zone. Abigail stopped to play. She wanted to be a two handed bubble maker and not share the bubble wands/sticks with the other kids. She also wasn’t a happy camper when I said it was time to move on and catch up with her dad and sister.

She really LOVES playing in anything that splashes and makes bubbles. She will really love getting her water table set up again. Both Olivia and Abigail used that big time whenever its out!



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