Making a Star stencil

Project Cost: FREE

I searched the house for anything that might help me make something so Olivia and Abigail could paint some stars on their own. Then I saw the box of cheerios sitting on our dinning room table.  I am glad I didn’t put it away after the girls snack!

I stole the box. 🙂 Then I made some star stencils out of it.

Here is how:

1.  I cut off the back.

2. I drew two stars on it with a pen.

3. I cut the first star out by cutting along the lines so I had a start shape the girls could trace.

4. I cut a hole inside of the second star then cut out along the lines to keep a star pattern inside the box the girls could fill in with paint to make a star.

Livy was already trying to work them like a puzzle once I was done making them.  Its so easy, I’m sure it can be done with other shapes too!




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