Make Your Bed Day

New bed!September 11 – Make Your Bed Day

Do you make your bed every day? if you do, is it first thing in the morning? later after a cup of coffee? I generally try to make the bed every day. I no longer try to do it first thing in the morning after I learnt about dust mites and how they tend to thrive. So in general, I let the sheets be a little messy and air out while I tend to the morning routines. Then later I try to make it. I think having a made bed just makes a bedroom feel more comfortable, inviting, and relaxing. After all, its very easy to sit on a bed to craft or read when the bed is made and you don’t got to worry about things getting lost inside tangled sheets!

Things to consider doing today with family

1. Make your bed today!!!

2. Make a new throw pillow for your bed – You can easily re-purpose an old favorite tshirt that no longer fits into a pillow.  Be creative!


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