Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is March 26th.

What is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day? easy,  if you could make anything a holiday, what would it be? I mean anything!

What is a holiday to you? For me its any excuse to get people together to celebrate a good time.
I’m all for celebrating the end of a school year, a job promotion, or it just being a really nice day.  Life is just to short to live it not enjoying it.  I don’t want to be 6o and having a lot of “i wish I had” done that kind of moments.

Life happens now. Holidays to me are meaningless if there are not warm, memorable moments spent with family and friends. I would say today my holiday would be family bonfire fun! But it just snowed so our wood will not be dry enough to use. So instead? I will have to think long and hard for today’s celebration!

Are you making a holiday to celebrate with your family?

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