Make a Hat Day!

September 15th is Make a Hat Day!533090_376009129099146_136530177_n

Hats are great accessories to decorate a person’s head. They also work wonders in shielding harsh sunlight from the eyes and cooling a person off in extreme heat. They can be a life saver in super cold regions too.

So needless to say there are hundreds of styles of hats and ways to make them. Do you have a favorite hat? Why do you like it? I enjoy mine mostly for the look and the feel. Some of my favorites are the Mexican sombrero! I also think a good cowboy / cowgirl had can be cozy and fun.

Its also easy to make some funny hats out of paper, yarn, straw, and so many other odds and ends around the house.

Things to celebrate today?

1. Make a hat today! I am sure there are a few things around the house that can be used.

  • Empty cereal boxes are a good start!
  • I crocheted the hat and shawl in the above photo!.
  • Loom knitting is VERY easy to do to make hats!


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