Make a Hat Day 2017!

This year my daughters and I made some hats following a vintage sewing pattern!

Olivia picked the hat style from the “Easy Stitch ‘n save” M4567 by McCalls’ pattern set I have. We didn’t include the hair part for it, but followed the rest of the directions.

Abby chose a variation of pink flower patterns. Olivia wanted a blue butterfly print.

Livy cut out the pattern from the paper (no one had used it before). Then we all worked on pinning and cutting out the different pieces and putting them together.

It was surprisingly really easy to do overall. Someone could easily complete this this project without an actual sewing machine. It would be very easy for a child to do my hand. When making this we did use the sewing machine though. I guided the pieces and Olivia and Abby both got turns manning the pedal (I broke my little toe on my right foot).

To make this style of hat it was mostly pinning two big circles together (inside out, so the patterns are in Livy’s words kissing each other). Leave a small section not sewn so it can be flipped inside out, so the pattern of the material would be on the outside.
After that, two more circles are sewn around the inside, so there is a space for an elastic piece to slip inside of the middle:


I put the elastic piece in with a crochet hook (tied one end to the hook and then slipped the hook through the slot on the hat. Then I tied it before sewing the closed.
Then its ready to wear!



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