Magic hugs & kisses

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI admit I was a little reluctant to get out of bed to make dinner. I had laid down with my youngest to get her to take a nap and I ended up falling asleep too.The bed was nice and warm and its still pretty chilly out here in the south,

But my family has to eat and I promised my oldest she could watch a cartoon while I made dinner. So Olivia came over to give me some magic hugs and kisses. These are the lovely signs of affection that helps earn her and her sister an extra piece of candy or other reward.

So Livy gave me her three magic kisses on my check and one of her two magic hugs. Then she told me she needed to watch my little ponies to recharge up her magic hugs and kisses.

How can I argue that? I can’t and won’t. She can watch her show and I will get more hugs and kisses later!



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