Lunch was a little lazy

I still had some Curry left over from last nights dinner and I ate some with Abigail. Olivia just kept saying she wanted noodles.  I couldn’t get her to try anything else except plain old noodles.   I gave in and made them for her.

Some days I wonder if its just  child thing to only want to eat one type of food every once in a while? Normally she just isn’t  a picky eater and will try whatever is put in front of her. But then she gets an occasional kick just for one of whatever! Is it normal?

I’m just glad she was open to some drink variations. I did some warm milk with nutmeg, some decaf teas, and some hot cocoa.  Its just so darn cold even with some heaters going I am making sure we are using drinks to help keep some warmth in us.


ps. yes, that’s her funshine carebear eating lunch too.



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