Love Bingo!

PIC_0410My girls have really been enjoying playing bingo since we made a different bingo game for numbers. So I decided why not try to make one for Valentines Day?


Colored construction paper




Step 1: I cut out an assortment of different shapes. I made sure to make at least 6 of each one since I planned to make eight boards. This would mean at least 5 boards would have the symbol and 1 would be left to use for making the calling cards.

PIC_0418Shape ideas:
Different colored hearts
Rectangles for “love letters”
Champagne glasses
*Whatever you think you can cut out! I also did cat faces since my daughters asked for them.

Step 2: Make the game boards. I used two pieces of construction paper and cut them in quarters to make 4 game boards per a piece of paper.

Step 3: Make the calling cards.

PIC_0408Step 4: Glue the pieces onto the calling cards and game boards. Have fun and enjoy making it as random as you like!

Step 5: Allow it to dry before game play to prevent cards and things from accidentally sticking to each other.

Step 6: Enjoy!


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